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Video Optimization: 12 Steps For Optimizing Your Videos On YouTube

What’s the point of creating lots of great videos if they never get seen?
How can you achieve first page rankings on YouTube or in Google?
How can you get people to view, like and comment on your videos?

Let’s look at the On-page Factors

1. Keyword research

Use Google’s free keyword tool to find keyword phrases that you can use to optimize your video.

2. Optimize your channel

Include your main keyword name in your channel your product name in the channel name.

3. Optimize video file name

Use your main keyword phrase in your video file name.

4. Optimize metadata

This information helps YouTube to find and index your video content. It includes the title, description and tags of your video.

Create a captivating title by including your main keyword phrase at the beginning followed by one major benefit.

In your description repeat your title at the beginning followed your full website address and the full textual content of your video.

For your tags include your main keywords plus any related keywords.

5. Upload a video transcript

Since search engines can only index textual content, upload a transcript of the content of your video.

6. Video engagement

Boring videos are not going to keep your viewers staying until the end. Keep them under 3 minutes plus add text, music and images.

7. Use annotations

This helps viewers interact with your video content . Example annotations may include clickable links, subscribe buttons and calls to action.

8. Create playlists

This helps to organize the video content for your viewers. It increases the viewing time and the number of videos a person watches on your channel.

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